Chelsea Home Imports is your one stop shop from concept to store shelf!

Chelsea Home Imports specializes in the execution of retail product development, manufacturing and the merchandising process from beginning to end.

Design: Our in-house product designers, engineers and graphic designers have expertise with packaging, CAD, product development, 3D printing, as well as being versed in the mechanics of Engineering. Chelsea Home Imports will also take a current product in the market place and help that company with redesign, re-engineering and exclusively with Sales Representation if needed.

Merchandising: We have over 30 years experience presenting product at the store level and online.  Our team can render dynamic planograms and packaging that drive a product through sale. We sit down with our retailers, discuss their goals and develop a plan that will achieve eye-catching presentation and maximum sell-through.

Packaging: Our packaging design specialists know how crucial presentation is to a product.  With years of experience and utilizing the latest technology we are able to develop the most attractive and price-conscious enclosures available. We can design P.O.P., featuring counter-top and floor displays, pallet programs, even LCD video display units.

Sourcing: Many major retailers use Chelsea Home Imports because of our vast experience in product development, direct-import and factory relationships.  With offices in Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai and Wuxi, Chelsea Home has coverage in most major industrial regions of China. We accomplish our goals while maintaining a very high-level quality product.  Our great strength lies in linking the best raw materials, manpower and cost-efficiency to the concepts we nurture.  Our logistics team ensures smooth sailing for on time and safe delivery.

Sales Representation: Under the guiding hand of Sales Guru and President, Marc Portney, Chelsea Home Imports boasts one of the most effective and far-reaching sales teams in the world. Chelsea also has coverage in all major mass market and chain store retailers as well as an international team specializing in Europe, South America and Asia.